Ghanaian actor, writer, and author is out with a new book titled MY COMPANION. The actor who released his first novel titled Beyond The Grave in 2017 is out again with another masterpiece. My Companion story follows a young pretty lady called Ohemaa Nyarkoa Rockson who thought her beauty alone is what will make her whole life complete, little did she know that there is more to that. Not to bore you with details, grab a copy, and read for yourself. It’s a must-read. The novel which also will be put in a movie in the nearby future is available at these places for sale.1. PAWA House, Ghana Association of Writers.Contact 0302732019 | 0240377980 | 05423303952. Amazon in Paperback & Kindle editions3. Tema Comm 11BookShop near Datus School.Contact: 05534400434. Print Innovation Contact: 0267771670 | 0551298311Or WhatsApp Isaac Kofi Arthur on 0246518593 or 0268334938Book Price: 60 Ghana cedisAuthor: Isaac Kofi ArthurBelow is a full synopsis of the story My COMPANION  Synopsis. Over pampered from childhood by her mother, the attractive but lazy Ohemaa Nyarkoa Rockson @portia_freelove finds herself in a beautiful marriage she had always dreamt of. The marriage is thrown on rocks and her beauty alone is not enough to save her. In an era where men are naturally attracted to women who are good home managers, what will happen to Ohemaa Nyarkoa as she faces this muddle in her marriage? Will her helpmeet break his “for better, for worse” vows or will he be a man of his words when he finds out about his wife’s woeful inability to perform simple home tasks? He who finds a wife, finds a good thing – but what if she is not good at all? RELATED TOPICS: ISAAC KOFI ARTHUR