By: Yaw O. Gyau (Mr. Elad) | April 2022

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Advertising recall is one of the categories of measures of the cognitive response which have been developed. What remains a dilemma to advertisers is whether there is a correlation between recall of advertising and brand preference or not? This study sought to determine the relationship between advertising recall and brand preference among young communication students in Accra. Expectancy Value Theory and Media System Dependency Theory were used. The study adopted simple random sampling procedure to respond to two propositions: 1. There is no relationship between advertising recall and purchase of product or service; 2. That there is no relationship between advertising recall and brand preference.  Findings indicate that relationship between advertising recall and brand preference is significant.  Majority of the respondents also emphasized that, in the future, their next choice of brand will be based on ‘efficiency of service’.


Keywords: Advertising Recall, Brand preference, Television Commercials (TVCs).