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2 Short College Application Essay Examples for Students


Many students find writing a college application essay as an intimidating task. They also find it challenging and highly critical. But they are not aware that the task is not daunting. But it is the depression that captures your mind. Because you are thinking about the rejection of your college application.


Indeed, not all of us are masterminded. Hence, a great way to start writing your college application essay is to read some paper writing service examples before you write your own. Reading sample essays will assist you to illustrate everything that one expected from a top-quality essay.


Here are two (2) exceptional college application essays to help you write your own essay with perfection.


Essay Example # 1


Students are always taught to memorize things. Students study the assigned materials only to attempt an exam and tests, while they forget what they have memorized on the very next day. I thought it is the learning and education. But NO! I learned this last summer that I was completely wrong.


Last summer, I attended the ABC Program where I met many intelligent and brightest students. They all were there to attend the program. I lived with around 120 students during the program and studied a topic which was Physical Knowledge. On the first day, the instructor brought and set a box on a table. Then, he pulled water in it and nothing came out from it. He pulled more water and we saw everything in the box coming out. At the time, he asked students to tell me what happened. “Only use the brain," he said, then. He further said that “for example, we are planning to develop solar ovens and studied the dynamic/activeness of paper planes. We can do that only with our brain.” You can also get help from a professional essay writer to achieve good grade in application essay.


During this particular program, we did not learn how to top a Physics exam, attempt a paper. But we learned “how to think?” More crucially, I and even all of us learned how to win while working in a group. At that time, I also learned that education is not to memorize things and write them in the paper or compete with classmates. But it is to work together and solve the problems we all face. Even if the whole community faces.


Now, learning means collaboration, analyzing, and a understanding to me. And this is very exciting for me to have such thoughts about education.


Essay Example # 2


A console heat washes my face when I open the oven to pick cooked noodles. The sweet smell of cinnamon makes me beathtaken. I smiled as I think that the life of a living organism depends on good tastes, eating, and drinking. But no; I am very wrong. The fact is very different.


In life, every human being is dependent (up to a high extent) on another for survival and this has shaped the entire human history. I see that today’s youth wants to get disconnected from their surroundings or community. But the question is “Why?”. A year ago, one of my cousins died from cancer. At the time, I could not emotionally afforded this occurrence. But a simpler tale assisted me to deal with the situation I was facing and take action. I never realized how much humans rely on one another. I did not know it till I came to read “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf”. I already know that a leaf is born in summer, live for a season, and then dies in the winter. By reading “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf”, I learned that even a leaf serves a purpose. The purpose is “to enable the tree stay flourished”.


I also understand the cycle of life once I read “The Fall of Freddie the Leaf”. Another, I knew that one’s life is dependent on another’s, so the actions. Hence, I realized that life is not a life if it has been spent by one for his/her own well. So, we should live our lives for others’ welfare and betterment. Means, we all should live our lives for a purpose.


I now believe that the purpose of my life (as a student) is to motivate others towards to become active members of our community. However, an essay writing service can provide best writing services to students. As well as to encourage people to reach new stature. I also believe that I have an aim which is “to build up relationships among students at the college”. As well as throughout the society/community.

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